Your skills and qualifications

by | Nov 1, 2017

I have had over 25 years of personal learning; of senior level strategic leadership and management in large complex organisations within the public, commercial and not for profit sectors in UK and wider Europe.

My first summer job was as a cleaner in my old school. From Head Boy to cleaner in a weekend!

I then had plenty of jobs in the University term breaks, working in supermarkets, selling double glazing and working as a hospital porter. I also had some time in France teaching English in a secondary school.

there were plenty of people I had worked with who had some high level skills but no qualifications

From this varied portfolo of part time jobs, I realised that there were plenty of people I had worked with who had some high level skills but no qualifications. There were people who were clearly leaders, some strategic thinkers, those with technical skills, team and people development skills, and those who were really good at relationship-building and communication.

I used this experience in my career to develop programmes that looked at the skills of the workforce and how those skills could be better used by employers to grow their businesses.

Whatever you do in your first few job roles or even your first rung career opportunity, make sure you embrace the learnings, the people around you and the experiences to be had. You never know who you are going to meet and they may end up taking you.

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Your Horizon benefits from in depth knowledge of what employers want and how an individuals skills can add value to a business. We will help you to articulate your value over and above your qualifications to a prospective  employer, and we will give you the confidence to do the same.