University to work: Jeff’s journey into employment

by | Jun 14, 2017

Careers Guidance

I left school at a time when the expectation of a Grammar School student in Essex was either to go to University or work in the City of London. I really didn’t want to do either and wanted to be a journalist but at that time there was no real careers guidance and on the one careers evening I attended, I was actively steered away from journalism; as that was not what the school really expected.

the careers advice was ‘do what you enjoy doing’

University it was and I carried on doing what I enjoyed at school: studying languages and playing sport. On leaving University the careers advice was ‘do what you enjoy doing’. So I continued studying languages and playing sport; qualifying as a teacher of modern languages and PE and then spending 12 years doing just that.

As a fairly successful teacher, the route was mapped out to become Head of Department, Deputy Head and then Head teacher. I was already Head of Department so why not just continue.

This was until I walked past a recruitment agency offering a skills assessment. As a graduate and a teacher I had plenty of qualificatiions so what were these skills?

I went in, took the assessment and talked to the agent who said that I was probably suited to journalism, creative writing or even sales (she probably had some sales jobs to fill!!).

So it wasn’t until my mid 30s that I had my first real serious 1:1 conversation about me, my aspirations, my skills and what I could offer to an employer.

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