2020 quickly turned into a challenging year for everyone for one reason or another. 

For students graduating in 2020 there will be numerous challenges. While reflecting on 2020 and the challenges being faced by graduates, we came up with our 14 top tips:

  1. Stay Focussed – A lot will depend on your mindset. There will undoubtedly be some graduates left disappointed with the anticipated economic downturn, but we should respond to difficult and unusual circumstances by staying focussed.

  2. See Risk as Opportunity – A crisis may well present new opportunities and graduates should remain focussed, reflecting on the skills, experience and knowledge that they have acquired through university and any additional work experience. Sometimes we don’t really know our own value.

  3. “Tomorrow Never Comes” – Think about it – If you don’t know exactly what you want to do with your degree, don’t worry. When it comes to starting out on your graduate job hunt, it’s easy to feel like everyone else has it all figured out already. When you graduate it may feel like many of your friends walk straight into their dream job. They haven’t. Keep calm and make a start; today

  4. Planning- Start Yesterday – The more planning you do, the more it will benefit you in the long run. Your CV will be more relevant if you use value statements to match yourself to the company mission statement and goals; and you’ll have the background you need if you make it to the interview stage. Recruiters receive hundreds of graduate CVs, so a well-crafted cover letter can be the deciding factor in who they choose to interview.

  5. Stand out – Take Action – Look past the title of your degree and think about what skills you’ve picked up along the way and which set you apart. You’d be surprised how many employers might take an interest more in your hobbies and who you are as a person, rather than your degree.

  6. You are Valuable – Believe – A little confidence goes a long way; as recruiters seldom see ‘the perfect candidate’, focus on what you can do and what excites you and your value

  7. Connect – Do it! – Never underestimate the power of networking. Make sure you work hard to keep making new friends and doing new things. Search through your friends and family, family friends and friends of friends.

  8. Experience – Get some – Experience, It’s a dirty word but you need it . You should be prepared to start from the bottom but don’t let people exploit your talents; you’re qualified and important and you should be valued but you have not finished learning.

  9. Look Sideways – Ok. You’ve graduated and have absolutely no idea what kind of jobs you’re qualified for. Sometimes your degree can open more doors than you realise doors you did not think existed taking your career in a completely different direction. Enjoy the ride.

  10. Enjoy the Roller Coaster – It’s an unfortunate fact, but as a graduate jobseeker, a certain amount of rejection is inevitable. Be ready to fail and fail often and hard; but to get up and enjoy every minute of not knowing what’s next. It’s competitive, but that’s not to say it’s impossible.

  11. Make mistakes – Quit jobs that don’t make you happy. There is always time for you to explore your options; as long as you are willing to learn, explore and stay inquisitive you will find your way. The best thing you can do is to learn from mistakes.

  12. Just Do it!! – If you say you’ll do something, do it. Embrace the idea it’s not possible to know everything about everything, and just do your best. Don’t expect it all to plan out and come together straight away. But just do it.

  13. Set Boundaries – Learn to draw a line between your personal life and work and practise lots of self-care; you owe it to yourself to take the time to figure out what makes you happy and its now always money.

  14. Talk – At school or University, they don’t teach you how to survive in the corporate jungle. At Your Horizon we have experienced people in our coaching roles whom you can depend on to help put things into perspective. Spend time talking to them, they will talk to you about your experience and the lessons learned to help you take that next step. We will help you identify your skills and competencies and reframe them in order to make the most of them during this unusual time. It’s crucial you understand your value and apply your skills to these new and extraordinary circumstances.

If you want to know more information about our coaching contact us via the website.  www.yourhorizon.uk

Jeff Greenidge is an Owner of Your Horizon and a Career Coach. Jeff is an experienced senior leader and executive coach.If you have any questions email Jeff@Yourhorizon.uk