Your Horizon career coaches are here to unlock a student and graduates potential by challenging discussion, identifying goals and assisting in both the development of and the drive towards targeted action plans.

Self- belief is key in maximising your potential and making the most of every career opportunity that you get access to.

There are a number of things you can do to create and maintain self-belief and maximise your potential.

  1. Don’t look outside, look inside – Comparing yourself to others can be useful, and this is inevitable when competing for graduate jobs. By comparing yourself you consider what the hiring manager is also considering – how do you compare to the other candidates, what makes you special.

    That said, this has never been more toxic thank in the current climate of social media, so before you look outside, become clear on your own values, skills and uniqueness by looking inside.

    • What are you most proud of in terms of achievements to date?
    • What are your values that you want people, employers, friends and colleagues to know about you?
    • How do you feel when an opportunity presents itself and why?
    • Are you creative? How do you view your environment? 
    • If you need to, how can you become more positive about the opportunities you have and push to achieve your potential?

  2. Prioritise your wellbeing – Make time to relax through hobbies that you enjoy. Keep fit and exercise. Taking care of yourself means you’ll immediately feel positive and full of energy.

  3. Find your tribe – Surround yourself with people who love you and support you and your dreams. Negativity is draining and rubs off. Avoid it. Positivity is energising and rubs off. Embrace it and seek it out.

  4. Challenge Yourself – Some of the most rewarding lessons come from the most uncomfortable places. Seek out challenge, Learn from it. Develop yourself. Nobody will be as keen to develop you as you. Don’t leave your own personal development and learning to someone else.

  5. Take Stock – One of the best ways to learn is self-reflection. On the hard days take stock of where you are, the progress you have made and the reasons to keep going.

    Diaries and notes help you keep focus and see how far you’ve really come.

True self-belief comes from self-awareness and our coaching model is about being realistic, truthful and action orientated to continuously improve. If you know your strengths, you can take confidence from that. If you are realistic about your weaknesses, your action plan overtime will turn them into strengths. A swot analysis is a great way to do this.

We use the SWOT analysis as one of our coaching tools and launch action plans to maximise your strengths and develop your weaknesses overtime into strengths and positive attributes.

If you want to know more information about our coaching contact us via the website.

Andi Lewis is a Your Horizon Career Coach and experienced management and executive coach in both the public and private sector.

Andi is also experienced at setting up and leading graduate talent management programmes, graduate recruitment assessment programmes