Other Services

As well as our signature offering, Your Horizon Career Skills Programme, we also offer a number of other services. Read on to find out more about one-to-one career coaching, CV reviews and our Ask the Your Horizon Expert service.

Your Horizon Coaching

  • Want more coaching following the Your Horizon Career Skills Programme?
  • Want bespoke coaching sessions as you progress in your career?
  • Facing a promotion opportunity and want some coaching support?
  • Want to accelerate your progression on a graduate scheme?

As part of the Your Horizon Career Skills Programme, you will have access to a dedicated coach, using the Your Horizon Coaching Model.

If you want more coaching as you continue your job search, progress into a graduate role or have the opportunity to take on a promotion opportunity, you can purchase further coaching sessions below.

Our coaches follow the Your Horizon Coaching Model, specifically focused on the needs of graduates in the early stages of their career development. They can support you following knock backs at assessment centres, through to the challenges of embarking on your first few months in a new role.

Your Horizon coaching is a great way to accelerate your career and get some advice and guidance during the first few years in role, particularly when looking to excel on a graduate scheme.

If you have been through the Your Horizon Career Skills Programme, keep an eye out for special coaching rates for our alumni, as we seek to support our customers in their ongoing career development.

1 hour coaching session with one of our expert coaches £60

[stripe name=”Your Horizon” description=”1 hour coaching session” amount=”6000″ currency=”GBP”]

3 x 1 hour sessions £160 (saving 11%)

[stripe name=”Your Horizon” description=”3 x 1 hour coaching session” amount=”16000″ currency=”GBP”]

5 x 1 hour sessions £260 (saving 13%)

[stripe name=”Your Horizon” description=”5 x 1 hour coaching session” amount=”26000″ currency=”GBP”]

Your Horizon CV Review

Writing a CV is not as easy as it seems, with many obvious mistakes being made by applicants, stopping them getting through to interview stage.

Check out our CV templates here for immediate ideas on formatting and laying out your CV:


Our CV review offering allows you to get your CV reviewed by one of our experts, typically a senior HR expert or recruitment executive, with extensive experience as a recruiter.

By sending us your full formatted CV, along with a brief description of your desired roles and industries, we will complete a full CV review, edit core areas of the CV as appropriate, and provide advice around the reasons for the changes, together with a 1 hour feedback session by phone or webinar.

*This is a review service, not a CV writing service. CVs must be formatted and drafted as an initial starting point. Where CVs have not been drafted in a suitable initial format, the review will be postponed, with a detailed reason as to why, while the above templates are used.

Includes a full review, edits and a 1 hour feedback session £89 Introductory offer £69.99

[stripe name=”Your Horizon” description=”CV Review” amount=”6999″ currency=”GBP”]

Ask the Your Horizon Expert

Have a burning question around graduate careers?

Preparing for an assessment centre and have a query?

Contact the Your Horizon Expert and we will be happy to assist with the provision of some free advice.

Email us and one of our experts will respond within 48 hours with some free advice and guidance.

Where you are after some significant support, don’t be surprised if you are advised to sign up to our full Your Horizon Career Skills Programme or one of our coaching sessions, however we will always aim to provide some direct advice that you can apply, giving you some immediate direction.


Giving you what you need

Frequently asked questions will lead to new blogs, advice pieces and training programmes, covering the things you really want to know more about – got a topic you want an expert to advise on? Tell us and we will see what we can do!

Want to see other services offered by Your Horizon?  Get in touch and make the suggestion –  we are always looking to broaden our offering and we’ll do everything we can to ensure our services meet our customers needs.