Q & A with Mick Hood, HR Director Liberty Steel: Part 6 How Your Horizon can help you

by | Jul 17, 2017

In the sixth and final part of my interview with Mick Hood, HR Director with Liberty Steel (formerly Tata Steel Europe), I asked him what he thought about our offering here at New Horizon.

As you know, Your Horizon seeks to give graduates support before, during and after the recruitment process, giving them unique access to career coaching normally only available to senior managers.

How do you think this would help a student or recent graduate as they search for their first or second job role?

A unique offering, normally only accessible to senior managers

It is a unique offering, normally only accessible to senior managers. I think the main thing to get from it is truly understanding their long term goal followed by an understanding of what is needed to get there.

Coaching creates logical plans and actions to get you where you want to go, sometimes realigning aspirations to ensure they are realistic, achievable and sustainable long term.

Graduates should consider the following during their coaching sessions:

  • What is your career development planning process?
  • Find a mentor if you haven’t already got one.
  • What do you want to achieve and why?
  • Aspiration are fantastic, but what are the steps required to get there? Make the plan attainable and get the foundation right.

Top tip: Use the coaching to clearly define what you want, why and exactly what you need to do to get there. Be open and honest about your weaknesses too, so you can do something about them.

Any final hints and tips for aspiring graduates?

Use the coaching as a reality check. Understand the opportunity and the risk. Often the biggest risks present the biggest opportunities in your career. I have had to move house, relocate to different regions of the UK and go into roles and functions I have little experience in. Make these moves and invest time and energy early on to maximise the opportunities available and think long term.

Often the biggest risks present the biggest opportunities in your career. Click To Tweet

Consider what you are willing to sacrifice and why and be honest about this before taking the next step.  Know the why –  why do you want it and why do you want to do it and this should give you the motivation to take on the opportunities that come your way.

Questions asked by Jonathan Gallie, owner of Your Horizon.

All views and opinions contained within the article are those of Mick Hood, and are not associated with those of Liberty Steel.