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What to expect over the next 12 months

  • Blogs from experts across multiple disciplines and industries, released month to members.
  • Vlogs from experts, recruiters and careers advisors, released monthly to members.
  • Graduates telling you the story behind their journey through university, assessment centres and into work – learn from someone who’s been there and done it.
  • Your Horizon Enterprise Programme: Want to give corporate life a miss and launch your own business venture? Find out how a graduate did just that. Go through a training programme designed by her specifically for you. Launching in 2018.
  • Your Horizon Chatroom: Engage with fellow students and graduates.
  • Your Horizon Careers Board: Want to have access to true graduate job roles and schemes across the UK? You will find the best roles here. Keep an eye out for our recruitment partnerships launching in 2018. Members will receive exclusive access to our top 10 UK jobs every month.