Career Action Plan

1st Year Student Career Action Plan

You’re starting a new chapter – enjoy it!

Although grades during your first year normally don’t count, this is a great opportuity to get to grips with your university course, meet new people and start thinking about your career aspirations!

If you do want to chat in your first year of university we would be happy to advise you on gaining work experience and enhancing your CV over the next three years.

Here are some key times in your first year which you should consider, together with associated actions. We hope this helps you plan your career and we hope to welcome you onto the Your Horizon Career Skills Programme.

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Freshers week begins and with it the start of your university career.

Start exploring our free resources to help you make sure your university years lead to a great career.


First year exams: Time to see what you've learnt so far.

Take the opportunity to test out your exam preparation and your overall approach while in year one.


Summer exams and make plans for work or travel over the long Summer break.

In September of your second year applications for internships, placements and graduate schemes will open, so start researching what you would like to do now.


Christmas break and revision for your first university exams.

Read about Your Horizon founder Jonathan Gallie's journey through university and into work.


Revision and a good time to start thinking about your experiences beyond your education.

How can you expand your CV through volunteering, summer jobs, student committees and sports clubs, etc?


Summer work and/or travel: Get some experience, be that work, travel or volunteering.

Start researching job roles, careers, companies and their associated graduate jobs now. Need career advice? Sign up to the Your Horizon Career Skills programme now.